About us

Installation & Maintenance Services

AasTel provides comprehensive voice solutions aimed at meeting all your telecom’s needs with one easy point of contact.  We sell, install and maintain a wide choice of complete telephone systems.  Our solutions offer a seamless integration of telephony and data along with easy to use video conferencing.

Communications:                                                                                                                              Telephone Systems - TDM, VoIP                                                                         Messaging Servers                                                                                                 Call Centre Management                                                                                        VoiceMail Systems

Cabling:                                                                                                                     Patching & Jumpering                                                                                            Category 5e/6 Structured Cabling                                                                        Internal & External Link Cables                                                                             Optical Fibre

UPS Systems:                                                                                                           Piece of mind to ensure continuous operation of equipment during a power failure.

There are many services we can provide from consultancy and design through to installation, testing, commissioning and maintaining many types of communication platforms and their applications.