ARM and Intel

AnTuTu is a professional benchmark app for smart phones and tablets. We created our own benchmark standard to public, and we thank you all that take AnTuTu Benchmark to test smart phones. As independent smart devices benchmark, we welcome any query from any one. We clearly know that there were no bug within any app, so while you find out any problem in AnTuTu Benchmark, please do not hesitate to contact our technique support at


Now, AnTuTu has built fluent communication with ARM, Samsung, Qualcomm, and other device vendors. So, you all do not need worry any issues about the test scores/results. These professional device vendors surely supervise us for any changes on benchmark matrix, though we have non-open source codes in product. We shall do our best efforts to improve AnTuTu Benchamrk, better and better. 


As to this disputation between ARM and Intel, we got informed by Qualcomm while it happened (Many thanks to Qualcomm). We have already fixed this problem within the version 3.3.2 which was released on July 8th, 2013 in China, and updated product at Google Play was released on July 10th, also. We fixed the problem much earlier than the query came out. 


We are very sorry about this unhappy issue, which is caused by our aim of seeking ultimate hardware performance to mobile devices, in product version 3 which has exploited Intel complier in. In the coming August 13th, we shall release our new version 4 benchmark matrix, a return from ultimate hardware performance to user experience. We believe the new AnTuTu Benchamrk version 4 can surpass any benchmark apps in the market, since it is the standard for users.