China Finally Enters the Time of 4G

  Yesterday, December 4 afternoon, MIIT has granted China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom 4G licenses officially. Those three carriers both got the TD-LTE license. This action stands for China enters the time of 4G.

  It has been said that China Mobile has invested 417 billion yuan to built almost 200,000 TD-LTE base station and planed to extend the TD-LTE covering cities to above 300. According to the latest news, china mobile will release a new commercial brand “HE” which includes 2G, 3G and 4G servers. It also means that China mobile may the first one to begin the business use of 4G.

  As the spring up of 4G net, it definitely improves the network speed and also brings other new chances to smartphone market. For now, many market smartphones are not support 4G network, if you want to try the high-speed network you have to buy a high-end smartphone which support 4G. With so many users in china, the market is incredible. Lots of smartphone OEMs have planed to produce 4G-support devices like HUAWEI, Samsung, Sony and so on.

        Chance and challenge are always the brother. Let's see how those manufactures catch this opportunity to creat new 4G market.